40 Years and Having Fun!

An arbitrary to-do list for my 40th year.

No junk food, progress so far January 21, 2013

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Going with out junk food has been easier than I expected. No chips or fries hasn’t been an issue at all. No m&ms from the office assistant’s bowl has been unexpectedly easy. I think going totally cold turkey has been easier for me than moderation. I find it less difficult to avoid all candy than trying to have just one or two small pieces. (good dark chocolate is an exception). I have had dessert, which included a single serving of chocolate cake and ice cream, but shared three ways mind you.

I have also had pizza, but my single (large) slice included fresh tomatoes and generous spinach. Is pizza junk food? I am a vegetarian, so it never includes high fat sausage or pepperoni. Also, we almost always go to our local pizzeria that specializes in thin New York style crust. Hmm…

I did make one slip up – a peppermint candy after a restaurant meal, a very garlicky meal, so totally warranted. I grabbed it and popped it in my mouth and didn’t think about it violating my rules until a few days later. Oops!

I don’t think I have lost any weight, yet, with this little experiment, which would not be an unwelcome side effect. However, I find that I look more to whole foods and foods of quality for a treat. Home roasted pecans, homemade whole grain and bean power bars, fruit, and avocados. That can’t be a bad outcome.

Still about half way to go. Healthy muffins will be baked today instead of eating Luna bars!


50k training progress

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I have officially started my 50k training! I have opted for a plan that includes two back to back long runs. This weekend was my second session of these long runs. I did 11 miles on the road yesterday and 6 on trails today. Ideally, I would have run the longer distance on the trails, but fitting everything into a normal person’s life isn’t always ideal. But the trail run today was extra fun, because my husband and daughter joined me for about half of it. But it was a bit frustrating trying to convince my 8 year old daughter that I needed to carry the Nathan hydration pack – it just won’t fit her.



No junk food – week 1 January 7, 2013

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Warning, you may disagree with my definition of junk food. My current list of unacceptable items and fully acknowledged inconsistent exceptions:
French Fries, onion rings, anything breaded and deep fried
Potato chips, corn chips, including baked and “whole” grain (really, face it, they are all a refined carb overload)
Store bought cookies

chocolate – expensive, fancy dark in small quantities – dark chocolate is a health food, right? See – scientific evidence!
homemade cookies (in moderation) – how can I turn my back on lovingly handmade cookies made with real food like butter and pecans?
dessert from La Baguette – to call these cakes, pastries, and mousses junk food is a travesty (besides they are a infrequent indulgence. And by infrequent I mean no more than once a week)
ice cream – it is made from milk which means protein and calcium, practically making it a wholesome food. I don’t normally eat ice cream, but I love it. So, I add it to my list of exceptions in case the rare occasion arises

Temptations this week
– M&Ms on admin assistants’ desks – Why do they do this? Some days I find myself obsessing about that bowl of cheap chocolate all day. After the third trip down the hall to “ask a question” about my travel claim or use of the corporate credit card, I wonder if they roll their eyes at my excuses as I grab yet another handful of candy. Going cold turkey like this is probably the best way to kick the habit.
– Cookies at recent trail run – I love Nutter Butters and these are an tasty form of portable energy while running, but I made my own energy bars!


Starting Big January 6, 2013

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8. No junk food for a whole month

Why not start this year long experience with something big? I originally thought I would strategically plan what month to choose not to have junk food.
Not in February, that Valentine’s Day – don’t want to miss out on the heart shaped cookies and pink m&ms.
Not in March, that is my daughter’s birthday – cake, ice cream, and all the birthday goodness.
Not in April, Easter – peanut butter eggs, jelly beans, etc…
Then I realized how my life is full of junk food, year round, every day and even every time of day. Who is the evil coworker who leaves the dozen doughnuts at the coffee maker in the morning? Why are there three types of cake offered at my afternoon staff meeting? What delusional parent thinks those horrible Walmart iced cookies are a good snack and gives the extra to kids to take home for later?

So, I am just jumping in NOW – no junk food from 6 January to 6 February. Starting sooner, rather than later, I hope to permanently moderate my junk food consumption.


Just say no!


Back in the saddle January 5, 2013

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6. Ride my speedy road bike once a month, outside

Yahoo! Just been informed about a lunch time cycling group that meets half mile from my office. How lucky is that?

Now poor old Bonnie (my speedy bike) can come down off that hook in the garage.



Making Amends January 4, 2013

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32. Donate money to local PBS station to make up for not pledging for 10 years

I hang my head in shame. I have watched out public television station OETA for over 10 years without ever donating money. I have not simply watched PBS, but it truly is the only station we watch (except catching the weather report on the local news). I love Masterpiece Theater, Nature, and Frontline. My daughter loves Word Girl, Dinosaur Train, and Wild Kratts.

Therefore I donated $500 to OETA to cover the $40 yearly membership for the last 10 years, with interest. As you may know, when you donate to public television you may receive a gift based on the amount donated. $60 dollars gets you the coffee mug, while $240 gets the entire DVD set and companion books of the first two seasons of Downton Abbey. While none of the gifts were of great interest to me, I chose one that I plan to give to a friend (which will remain a secret).

Picture 1

I can now watch the newest season of Downton Abbey guilt free and with the smug knowledge that I have finally paid my dues.

#32 completed!

Highclere Castle

Downton Abbey (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


50k – am I crazy? January 3, 2013

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1. Complete an ultra trail run (50k or longer)

Today, over my lunch time, I had my first run of the year. I am lucky to have found a few running buddies that work near my office and we are able to crank out a 5 mile run during my lunch hour. Winter mornings are dark and cold in January, so it is especially nice to have a noon time run. Also having others to run with helps get me out the door when my lazy self would choose to watch old 30 Rock episodes on Hulu or the Guild on Geek and Sundry (actually these are so short I sneak them in during my stretches or wolfing down my post run peanut butter sandwich).

My running buddies are ultra runners and dedicated trail runners. Therefore they don’t question my mental health when I talk of running a 50k (31 mile) trail run. But, yes, my husband, various relatives, coworkers, and a myriad of friends and acquaintances think the idea is absurd. And to be honest, I think so too. However, I am not deterred by absurdity and find this character only makes the idea more appealing. A 50k is longer than a marathon, by about 5 miles, but somehow the unfamiliar quality of the metric system makes 50k seem less intimidating.

Since I currently have a good running base and winter is a better time to train in Oklahoma than the summer, I have picked a spring event to run. I start my official training plan next week for the Lake McMurtry Trail Run on April 6.


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