40 Years and Having Fun!

An arbitrary to-do list for my 40th year.

I love Piyo January 2, 2013

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#4 – do a core or strength workout twice a week.

In the dark, chilly morning I headed to the Y for my favorite core and strength class – Piyo. Yes, it is probably just another fad class, but I hope it doesn’t go the way of tae bo too soon.

I love the combination of the strength and balance moves with the aerobic pace that gratifies my desire to breath hard and get sweaty. Pilates or yoga doesn’t have the same satisfaction for me. I have been taking this Piyo class regularly for over a year, but my problem is finding a second core or strength class during the week that I can squeeze into my schedule (or rather, my family’s schedule). The new Y class schedule is out and I might try a Monday morning strength training class, but that may be too much after my long runs on the weekend. I may end up trying a Pilates app on my iPad to have the convenience of a routine whenever and wherever I can do it.

Making an effort to get in a second strength workout each week should help to improve my running, which I need if I plan to tackle a 50k trail run this spring.


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