40 Years and Having Fun!

An arbitrary to-do list for my 40th year.

Making Amends January 4, 2013

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32. Donate money to local PBS station to make up for not pledging for 10 years

I hang my head in shame. I have watched out public television station OETA for over 10 years without ever donating money. I have not simply watched PBS, but it truly is the only station we watch (except catching the weather report on the local news). I love Masterpiece Theater, Nature, and Frontline. My daughter loves Word Girl, Dinosaur Train, and Wild Kratts.

Therefore I donated $500 to OETA to cover the $40 yearly membership for the last 10 years, with interest. As you may know, when you donate to public television you may receive a gift based on the amount donated. $60 dollars gets you the coffee mug, while $240 gets the entire DVD set and companion books of the first two seasons of Downton Abbey. While none of the gifts were of great interest to me, I chose one that I plan to give to a friend (which will remain a secret).

Picture 1

I can now watch the newest season of Downton Abbey guilt free and with the smug knowledge that I have finally paid my dues.

#32 completed!

Highclere Castle

Downton Abbey (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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