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No junk food, progress so far January 21, 2013

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Going with out junk food has been easier than I expected. No chips or fries hasn’t been an issue at all. No m&ms from the office assistant’s bowl has been unexpectedly easy. I think going totally cold turkey has been easier for me than moderation. I find it less difficult to avoid all candy than trying to have just one or two small pieces. (good dark chocolate is an exception). I have had dessert, which included a single serving of chocolate cake and ice cream, but shared three ways mind you.

I have also had pizza, but my single (large) slice included fresh tomatoes and generous spinach. Is pizza junk food? I am a vegetarian, so it never includes high fat sausage or pepperoni. Also, we almost always go to our local pizzeria that specializes in thin New York style crust. Hmm…

I did make one slip up – a peppermint candy after a restaurant meal, a very garlicky meal, so totally warranted. I grabbed it and popped it in my mouth and didn’t think about it violating my rules until a few days later. Oops!

I don’t think I have lost any weight, yet, with this little experiment, which would not be an unwelcome side effect. However, I find that I look more to whole foods and foods of quality for a treat. Home roasted pecans, homemade whole grain and bean power bars, fruit, and avocados. That can’t be a bad outcome.

Still about half way to go. Healthy muffins will be baked today instead of eating Luna bars!


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