40 Years and Having Fun!

An arbitrary to-do list for my 40th year.

40 things to do during my 40th year December 5, 2012


1. Complete an ultra trail run (50k or longer) – 1 time
2. Complete an Olympic distance triathlon – 1 time
3. Run a 5k under 26 minutes – 1 time
4. Do core workout twice a week (Yoga, Pilaties, Piyo, etc) – weekly
5. Improve my swimming – year long
6. Ride my speedy road bike once a month, outside – monthly
7. End the year with better fitness than beginning – year long

Diet and Lifestyle
8. No junk food for a whole month – 1 time
9. Vegan for one day a week – weekly
10. Wear business casual clothes at least once a week to work – weekly
11. Donate clothes that are ill-fitting, uncomfortable, or otherwise don’t like – 1 time
12. Declutter my home office space and get rid of non-essentials – 1 time (and year long)
13. Knit 6 items to donate – 6 times
14. Keep a, mostly, daily journal of my 40th year adventure – year long

15. Get professional pedicure – 1 time
16. Get hair professionally colored – 1 time
17. Make bedroom pretty – 1 time
18. Buy flowers once a month – monthly
19. Buy only pretty underwear – year long

20. Pick daughter up early once a month and do something fun – monthly
21. Fun lunch with Mom once a month – monthly
22. Romantic weekend with husband – 2 times

23. Make two new friends – 1 time
24. Throw a big party for everyone I like – 1 time
25. Have a fitness related party – 1 time
26. Organize a girls’ night out – 1 time
27. Do unexpected kind gesture for friend/acquaintance once a week – weekly

28. Volunteer at animal shelter – 1 time
29. Volunteer at running race – 1 time
30. Volunteer at triathlon – 1 time
31. Organize a small fundraiser for local charity – 1 time
32. Donate money to local PBS station to make up for not pledging for 10 years – COMPLETED, 4 Jan 2012

Environmental Stewardship
33. Use no disposable/non-recyclable items for one month of lunches – 1 time
34. Ride my bike to work once a week – weekly
35. Ride my bike or walk more often for short trips around town – year long

Education and Writing
36. Take an art class – 1 time
37. Take a writing class – 1 time
38. Write short story and submit for publication – 1 time
39. Write 1 article a month for my potential travel/natural history book, including at least one nice photograph – monthly
40. Improve in one of the foreign languages I have started to learn – year long


Now you are probably wondering why I chose the things I did and not added others. Well, like I said it is a totally arbitrary list based on things I have been wanting to do. This list is to motivate me, not emphasize the fun things I already do. Some people’s lists would include have dinner with family every weeknight, read a good book every week, grow some of my own food, these are great, but I don’t need to add them to my list because I already do them. I also toyed with adding things like “Be more patient with my daughter.” Yet, as a scientist, I needed something more quantifiable, things I can count and measure.


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