40 Years and Having Fun!

An arbitrary to-do list for my 40th year.

50k training progress January 21, 2013

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I have officially started my 50k training! I have opted for a plan that includes two back to back long runs. This weekend was my second session of these long runs. I did 11 miles on the road yesterday and 6 on trails today. Ideally, I would have run the longer distance on the trails, but fitting everything into a normal person’s life isn’t always ideal. But the trail run today was extra fun, because my husband and daughter joined me for about half of it. But it was a bit frustrating trying to convince my 8 year old daughter that I needed to carry the Nathan hydration pack – it just won’t fit her.



Back in the saddle January 5, 2013

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6. Ride my speedy road bike once a month, outside

Yahoo! Just been informed about a lunch time cycling group that meets half mile from my office. How lucky is that?

Now poor old Bonnie (my speedy bike) can come down off that hook in the garage.



50k – am I crazy? January 3, 2013

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1. Complete an ultra trail run (50k or longer)

Today, over my lunch time, I had my first run of the year. I am lucky to have found a few running buddies that work near my office and we are able to crank out a 5 mile run during my lunch hour. Winter mornings are dark and cold in January, so it is especially nice to have a noon time run. Also having others to run with helps get me out the door when my lazy self would choose to watch old 30 Rock episodes on Hulu or the Guild on Geek and Sundry (actually these are so short I sneak them in during my stretches or wolfing down my post run peanut butter sandwich).

My running buddies are ultra runners and dedicated trail runners. Therefore they don’t question my mental health when I talk of running a 50k (31 mile) trail run. But, yes, my husband, various relatives, coworkers, and a myriad of friends and acquaintances think the idea is absurd. And to be honest, I think so too. However, I am not deterred by absurdity and find this character only makes the idea more appealing. A 50k is longer than a marathon, by about 5 miles, but somehow the unfamiliar quality of the metric system makes 50k seem less intimidating.

Since I currently have a good running base and winter is a better time to train in Oklahoma than the summer, I have picked a spring event to run. I start my official training plan next week for the Lake McMurtry Trail Run on April 6.


I love Piyo January 2, 2013

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#4 – do a core or strength workout twice a week.

In the dark, chilly morning I headed to the Y for my favorite core and strength class – Piyo. Yes, it is probably just another fad class, but I hope it doesn’t go the way of tae bo too soon.

I love the combination of the strength and balance moves with the aerobic pace that gratifies my desire to breath hard and get sweaty. Pilates or yoga doesn’t have the same satisfaction for me. I have been taking this Piyo class regularly for over a year, but my problem is finding a second core or strength class during the week that I can squeeze into my schedule (or rather, my family’s schedule). The new Y class schedule is out and I might try a Monday morning strength training class, but that may be too much after my long runs on the weekend. I may end up trying a Pilates app on my iPad to have the convenience of a routine whenever and wherever I can do it.

Making an effort to get in a second strength workout each week should help to improve my running, which I need if I plan to tackle a 50k trail run this spring.


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