40 Years and Having Fun!

An arbitrary to-do list for my 40th year.

No junk food – week 1 January 7, 2013

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Warning, you may disagree with my definition of junk food. My current list of unacceptable items and fully acknowledged inconsistent exceptions:
French Fries, onion rings, anything breaded and deep fried
Potato chips, corn chips, including baked and “whole” grain (really, face it, they are all a refined carb overload)
Store bought cookies

chocolate – expensive, fancy dark in small quantities – dark chocolate is a health food, right? See – scientific evidence!
homemade cookies (in moderation) – how can I turn my back on lovingly handmade cookies made with real food like butter and pecans?
dessert from La Baguette – to call these cakes, pastries, and mousses junk food is a travesty (besides they are a infrequent indulgence. And by infrequent I mean no more than once a week)
ice cream – it is made from milk which means protein and calcium, practically making it a wholesome food. I don’t normally eat ice cream, but I love it. So, I add it to my list of exceptions in case the rare occasion arises

Temptations this week
– M&Ms on admin assistants’ desks – Why do they do this? Some days I find myself obsessing about that bowl of cheap chocolate all day. After the third trip down the hall to “ask a question” about my travel claim or use of the corporate credit card, I wonder if they roll their eyes at my excuses as I grab yet another handful of candy. Going cold turkey like this is probably the best way to kick the habit.
– Cookies at recent trail run – I love Nutter Butters and these are an tasty form of portable energy while running, but I made my own energy bars!


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An arbitrary to-do list for my 40th year.

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